Madison Family Office is becoming the premier family office provider serving South Florida and the nation. For over 30 years our professionals have been involved in serving the specialized needs of high net worth  individuals, families and their companies. We provide comprehensive planning, management and concierge services designed to grow and protect their wealth and assets.

Why Madison Family Office?
What separates Madison Family Office is our service approach. Many family office providers primarily focus on wealth and asset preservation paying little attention to other key facts. While this is a core component of our work, we believe that to effectively serve  each family we must first understand their human and intellectual needs. By becoming intimately familiar with these components, we are able to deploy a strategy and service approach that best fits their personal and business objectives.

Our Services Include:

Accounting Services


  • Interim CEO/CFO
  • Investment Coordination
  • Budgeting


  • Cash Flow Management
  • Monthly Reconciliations
  • Bill Payment

Tax Services


  • Income Tax Planning
  • Income Tax Compliance


  • Estate Planning
  • International Tax Planning

Advisory Services


  • Family Goal Setting
  • Family Governance
  • Buy/Sell Strategies
  • Exit Strategies


  • Succession Planning
  • Investment Coordination
  • Charitable Giving
  • Concierge Service


Contact Us.
If you are looking for assistance with individual or family office matters please contact us. In a brief conversation we can determine you needs and explain how Madison Family Office can assist you. For additional information, please contact Barry Gurland, Managing Partner at 305-731-2454.